Phrasal Verbs With ‘Fasten’ in English

Exploring Phrasal Verbs with 'Fasten'

Exploring Phrasal Verbs with ‘Fasten’

In the dynamic world of the English language, phrasal verbs play a crucial role in effective communication. Phrasal verbs are expressions that are formed by combining a verb with one or more particles (prepositions or adverbs) to convey a different meaning than the individual words. Today, we’ll delve into the world of phrasal verbs with the verb ‘fasten‘ [ˈfɑː.sən]. Learning these phrasal verbs will not only boost your English vocabulary but also improve your ability to express various actions and ideas. Let’s explore some common phrasal verbs with ‘fasten.’

TOP 15 Phrasal verbs with “Fasten”

Let’s look at the 15 most popular phrasal verbs with “fasten” and their meanings and example sentences:

  1. Fasten up 
    • Meaning: To close or secure something.
    • Example: Before the rollercoaster ride, please fasten up your seatbelt for safety.
  2. Fasten on
    • Meaning: To focus or become fixated on something.
    • Example: She quickly fastened on the intriguing mystery novel and couldn’t stop reading.
  3. Fasten down
    •  Meaning: To securely attach or anchor something.
    • Example: The construction crew had to fasten down the heavy equipment to prevent it from moving in the strong winds.
  4. Fasten onto
    • Meaning: To latch onto or seize something, often metaphorically.
    • Example: The team fastened onto the opportunity to expand their business globally.
  5. Fasten with
    • Meaning: To use a particular method or means to secure something.
    • Example: The tailor fastened the fabric with delicate, hand-stitched embroidery.
  6. Fasten together
    • Meaning: To join or connect things securely.
    • Example: The engineer had to fasten together multiple pieces of the jigsaw puzzle to complete the design.
  7. Fasten up (a deal or agreement)
    • Meaning: To finalize or conclude a deal or agreement.
    • Example: After weeks of negotiations, the two companies fastened up the partnership agreement.
  8. Fasten in
    • Meaning: To secure someone or something inside a vehicle, typically with seatbelts.
    • Example: Remember to fasten in your child with a safety car seat before driving.
  9. Fasten onto (an idea or concept)
    • Meaning: To become deeply interested or obsessed with an idea or concept.
    • Example: She quickly fastened onto the groundbreaking scientific theory and devoted herself to its research.
  10. Fasten up (your attention)
    • Meaning: To focus one’s attention more intently.
    • Example: The captivating documentary quickly fastened up my attention, and I couldn’t look away.
  1. Fasten around
    • Meaning: To secure something by wrapping or tying it around an object.
    • Example: He had to fasten the rope around the tree to make a swing for the children.
  1. Fasten on (a target) 
    • Meaning: To direct one’s attention or criticism toward a particular person or thing.
    • Example: The media tends to fasten on celebrities’ personal lives, often invading their privacy.
  1. Fasten back
    • Meaning: To secure or hold something in a backward position.
    • Example: She used a hairpin to fasten back her unruly bangs.
  1. Fasten off
    • Meaning: To secure the end of a rope, thread, or knitting.
    • Example: After knitting the scarf, she needed to fasten off the thread to complete it.
  1. Fasten away
    • Meaning: To put something away or store it securely.
    • Example: He decided to fasten away his collection of antique coins to keep them safe.

Learning and using these phrasal verbs with ‘FASTEN’ will not only help you express various actions and ideas more effectively but also make your English language skills more versatile. So, fasten up your learning journey and start incorporating these phrasal verbs into your everyday conversations. Your improved vocabulary will undoubtedly fasten your progress in English!

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