Phrasal Verbs with ‘Cool’ in English

cool-down phrasal verb

What are the phrasal verbs with “Cool” in English

English is a dynamic language, and one of the most intriguing aspects of it is the extensive use of phrasal verbs. These combinations of verbs and prepositions or adverbs often have meanings that are distinct from their individual components. One such versatile word that frequently appears in phrasal verbs is ‘cool‘ [kuːl]. In this article, we’ll delve into some popular phrasal verbs featuring ‘cool’ and explore their meanings and usage.

TOP 10 phrasal verbs with “Cool”

Let’s consider the 10 most popular phrasal verbs with the word “cool”, as well as their meanings and examples:

  1. Cool down
    • Meaning: To lower the temperature or become less hot.
    • Example: After a long hike, we sat in the shade to cool down.
  2. Cool off
    • Meaning: To become less angry or upset; to calm down.
    • Example: She needed to cool off after the argument before discussing it further.
  3. Cool out
    • Meaning: To relax and unwind.
    • Example: I like to cool out by reading a book after a stressful day.
  4. Cool it
    • Meaning: To calm down or stop being agitated.
    • Example: When he saw the accident, he shouted at the crowd to cool it and let the paramedics work.
  5. Cool off about
    • Meaning: To become less enthusiastic or excited about something.
    • Example: He cooled off about the idea of going on a road trip once he realized how far the destination was.
  6. Cool down to
    • Meaning: To gradually become more accepting or open to an idea or person.
    • Example: Initially, she was skeptical, but she eventually cooled down to the idea of adopting a pet.
  7. Cool off from
    • Meaning: To take a break or step back from a situation to gain perspective.
    • Example: He needed to cool off from the stressful project, so he took a long walk in the park.
  8. Cool down on
    • Meaning: To become less enthusiastic or supportive about something.
    • Example: They cooled down on the proposal after seeing the potential drawbacks.
  9. Cool it with
    • Meaning: To reduce or moderate something, often related to excessive behavior.
    • Example: You need to cool it with the junk food; it’s not good for your health.
  10. Cool off for
    • Meaning: To wait for a short period before proceeding with something.
    • Example: We decided to cool off for a few minutes before starting the meeting.

Mastering phrasal verbs is an essential part of becoming fluent in English. By understanding the various meanings and usages of phrasal verbs with ‘cool’, you’ll be better equipped to navigate a wide range of conversations and situations. So, take your time to cool down and practice these phrasal verbs until they become second nature in your English language journey.

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