Phrasal Verbs with “Chip” in English

chip-in phrasal verb. Phrasal Verbs with "Chip"

Mastering English: Exploring Phrasal Verbs with “Chip”

Phrasal verbs are an essential part of mastering the English language, adding depth and nuance to communication. In this article, we will delve into phrasal verbs featuring the word “chip” [tʃɪp], exploring their meanings and usage to enhance your English language skills.

TOP 10 phrasal verbs with “chip”

1. Chip in

  • Meaning: To contribute or donate, usually money or effort. Contribute to a discussion.
  • Example: “We all chipped in to buy a farewell gift for our favorite teacher.”
  • Example: “If I could chip in, there are a couple of issues I’d like to raise.”

2. Chip away at

  • Meaning: To gradually reduce or erode something, often used metaphorically. Gradually reduce something to make it
    less powerful, effective, etc
  • Example: “He chipped away at the mountain of paperwork on his desk throughout the week.”
  • Example: “They have been chipping away at his reputation ever since he took office.”

3. Chip off

  • Meaning: To break away a small piece from a larger object.
  • Example: “She carefully chipped off a piece of the ancient artifact for analysis.”

4. Chip into

  • Meaning: To divide something into smaller parts.
  • Example: “The company decided to chip the profits into individual bonuses for the team.”

5. Chip out

  • Meaning: To remove something by chipping or cutting.
  • Example: “The sculptor chipped out the excess stone to reveal the exquisite figure within.”

6. Chip at

  • Meaning: To persistently work on or attack something.
  • Example: “She continued to chip at the challenging crossword puzzle until she solved it.”

7. Chip up

  • Meaning: To cause someone to feel more cheerful or lively.
  • Example: “His jokes always manage to chip us up, even on the gloomiest days.”

8. Chip in on

  • Meaning: To join others in contributing or sharing the cost.
  • Example: “Let’s all chip in on a gift for Jane’s birthday.”

9. Chip at the door

  • Meaning: To gain entrance or access by chipping or breaking a part of the door.
  • Example: “In emergencies, firefighters may need to chip at the door to rescue someone trapped inside.”

10. Chip back

  • Meaning: eturning something or achieving a goal.
  • Example: “After a series of unfortunate events, she had to chip back, slowly rebuilding her confidence and overcoming obstacles.”

Now that we have explored these phrasal verbs with “chip,” you can incorporate them into your vocabulary and communication to express a wide range of actions and concepts more effectively. Practice using these phrasal verbs in various contexts to solidify your understanding and fluency.Mastering phrasal verbs with “chip” will undoubtedly enrich your English language skills, allowing you to communicate with greater precision and flair. Keep practicing and integrating these phrasal verbs into your everyday conversations to become more adept at using them naturally.

In conclusion, by embracing and utilizing phrasal verbs with “chip,” you will expand your language repertoire and express yourself with greater depth and subtlety in the English language.

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