Phrasal verbs with “bundle” in English

What does "bundle" mean in English?

What does “bundle” mean in English?

In movies or TV shows, we often hear the word “bundle” [ˈbʌn.dəl].  What does this word mean? In English, “bundle” is frequently used as both a noun, meaning a collection of things, objects, or an amount of material tied or packaged together, and as a verb, meaning to tie or roll things together into a bundle or to dress warmly by wearing many layers of clothing. “Bundle” is a popular phrasal verb (e.g., “bundle off” means to send someone somewhere, “bundle up” means to dress warmly).

Examples of using “bundle” as a noun:

  • “She carried a bundle of books under her arm.”
  • “He picked up several bundles of old newspapers.”

Examples of using “bundle” as a verb:

  • “She quickly bundles up her clothes.”
  • “They bundled the children into the car.”
  • “He is bundling the gifts in wrapping paper.”

Let’s look in more detail at “bundle” as a phrasal verb, the different types, their meanings, and examples.

Phrasal verbs with “bundle”

Bundle Up

Meaning 1: To dress warmly, often implying multiple layers of clothing.


  • “It’s freezing outside. Make sure to bundle up before you go out.”
  • “The children bundled up in their winter coats and scarves.”

Meaning 2: To gather or tie things together.


  • “She bundled up the old newspapers and took them to the recycling bin.”
  • “He bundled up his belongings and left the apartment.”

Bundle In/Into

Meaning: To put someone or something quickly and untidily into a place or container.


  • “She bundled the laundry into the basket.”
  • “We bundled into the car and headed to the beach.”

Bundle Out

Meaning: To force or hurry someone out of a place.


  • “The security guards bundled the unruly fan out of the stadium.”
  • “We were bundled out of the room when the fire alarm went off.”

Bundle Off

Meaning: To send someone somewhere quickly, often without warning.


  • “They bundled the children off to bed early.”
  • “She was bundled off to boarding school at a young age.”

Bundle Together

Meaning: To group things or people together.


  • “He bundled the papers together with a rubber band.”
  • “The friends bundled together for a group photo.”

In summary, the word “bundle” has versatile meanings and uses in English. As a noun, it refers to a collection of objects tied or wrapped together. As a verb, it means to gather, tie up, or wrap a group of things. However, “bundle” is perhaps most commonly used in phrasal verb form, combining with different prepositions and particles to create distinct meanings. Phrasal verbs like “bundle up,” “bundle in/into,” “bundle out,” “bundle off,” and “bundle together” enable us to express specific actions concisely. Learning these phrasal verbs allows you to naturally describe scenarios around dressing warmly, hurriedly putting things together, sending someone away, and grouping items or people. While their literal meanings relate to bundling objects, these phrasal verbs have evolved idiomatic usages in English.

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