Phrasal verbs with ‘block’ in English

Phrasal Verbs With Block

Phrasal verbs with ‘block’

The English language is rich and versatile, offering a multitude of ways to express ideas and actions. One fascinating aspect of English is the use of phrasal verbs, which combine a verb with one or more particles to create nuanced meanings that often go beyond the literal interpretation of the words involved. In this article, we delve into the world of phrasal verbs with “Block,” [blɒk] exploring 15 of the most commonly used and valuable ones. Understanding and using these phrasal verbs will not only enhance your English proficiency but also allow you to communicate with greater precision and fluency. So, let’s unblock the potential of these expressions and uncover how they can significantly enrich your language skills.

TOP 15 phrasal verbs with Block

Below are the top 15 phrasal verbs with “block”:

  1. Block out
    • Meaning: To prevent something from being seen or heard, or to ignore it.
    • Example: She tried to block out the noise and focus on her work.
  2. Block off
    • Meaning: To close or obstruct a passage or area.
    • Example: They blocked off the road for construction.
  3. Block up
    • Meaning: To become or cause to become blocked or obstructed.
    • Example: The drain in the sink is blocked up.
  4. Block in
    • Meaning: To prevent someone’s vehicle from leaving by parking in front of it.
    • Example: I was running late, so I accidentally blocked my neighbor’s car in.
  5. Block up
    • Meaning: To fill a space or gap completely.
    • Example: She blocked up the cracks in the wall with putty.
  6. Block together
    • Meaning: To unite or form an alliance with others.
    • Example:  The neighbors blocked together to address the issue with the local government.
  7. Block out
    • Meaning: To forget or ignore unpleasant thoughts or memories.
    • Example: He tried to block out the traumatic experience from his mind.
  8. Block off
    • Meaning: To isolate or separate something from the rest.
    • Example: The police blocked off the crime scene.
  9. Block away
    • Meaning: To keep something or someone at a distance.
    • Example: She blocked the aggressive dog away from her children.
  10. Block down
    • Meaning: To write down or record important information or dates.
    • Example: Be sure to block down the important dates on your calendar.
  11. Block around
    • Meaning: To move or navigate around obstacles.
    • Example: He had to block around the fallen trees on the hiking trail.
  12. Block back
    • Meaning: To move backward or in the opposite direction.
    • Example: I had to block back in traffic because I missed my turn.
  13. Block in on
    • Meaning: To focus or concentrate on a particular task or goal.
    • Example: I need to block in on my studies to pass the exam.
  14. Block out from
    • Meaning: To exclude someone or something from a group or activity.
    • Example: They blocked her out from the team because of her behavior.
  15. Block up with
    • Meaning: To clog or fill something with a substance.
    • Example: The pipes were blocked up with grease and debris.

These phrasal verbs with “Block” can add depth and nuance to your English language skills. Be sure to practice using them in context to become more comfortable incorporating them into your conversations and writing.

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