Description of the house in English: an essay about my house

Describing your home

My house: words, phrases and exercise

In this article, we will talk about a house. You will learn how to describe your house, discuss the rooms it consists of, and provide a brief description of each. We will learn new words and phrases useful for talking about your home. Finally, we will complete an exercise by writing an essay about your house to reinforce your knowledge.

House Structure


  • Facade: The front of a house, often reflecting its architectural style.
  • Front Door: The main entrance to the house.
  • Windows: Openings in the walls that allow light and outside view.
  • Roof: The top covering that protects the house from weather.


  • Driveway: A short private road leading from the street to the house, typically where cars are parked.


  • Backyard/Garden: A space at the back of the house, used for relaxation, play, and sometimes gardening. May include a lawn, flower beds, a gazebo, and a children’s play area.

House Interior

Entrance Hall

The area just inside the main door, often used for greeting guests. It may have:

  • A coat rack or closet for outerwear.
  • A mirror for checking one’s appearance.
  • A small table for placing small items.

Living Room

A central room in the house designed for relaxing and socializing. Key elements include:

  • Sofa/Couch: A large, comfortable seating area for multiple people.
  • Coffee Table: A low table placed in front of the sofa for drinks, books, and decor.
  • Television: Often the focal point of the room, used for entertainment.
  • Bookshelves/Cabinets: For storing books, souvenirs, and decor.


This room is the heart of many homes, equipped for cooking and often eating. Features include:

  • Refrigerator: An appliance for keeping food and drinks cold.
  • Stove/Oven: Used for frying, baking, and cooking food.
  • Sink: For washing dishes and food items.
  • Cabinets/Pantry: For storing food, spices, and kitchen supplies.
  • Dining Table: A place for eating meals.


Personal spaces designed for rest and privacy.

  • Bed: The primary piece of furniture, used for sleeping.
  • Wardrobe/Closet: A storage space for clothes and personal items.
  • Nightstand: A small table beside the bed, often holding a lamp and book.
  • Desk: A work area for studying or office work.


Rooms containing facilities for personal hygiene.

  • Sink: Used for washing hands and face.
  • Shower/Bathtub: For bathing and showering.
  • Toilet: A sanitation fixture used for the disposal of human waste.
  • Washing Machine/Dryer: For washing and drying laundry (often a separate room).

This description covers the main rooms and functional areas of a typical residential house. Of course, the design and layout may vary depending on the type of dwelling and individual needs.

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Exercise – English Essay – My House

Read the text and fill in the gaps in the text using the list of words from the list: spending, hall, rooms, bathroom, living room, backyard, kitchen,  walls, bedrooms, house.

English Essay - My House

My is a special place where I live with my family. It is made of bricks and has a red roof. It is not very big, but it is cozy and comfortable.

When you look at my house from the street, you can see a small garden in the front. There is a driveway on the side where we park our car. In the , there is a garden with flowers and a small vegetable patch.

When you enter my house, you first come into the entrance . From there, you can go to different .

The is where my family spends a lot of time. It has a sofa, two armchairs, and a coffee table. We also have a television in this room.

The is where we cook our meals. It has a refrigerator, an oven, and a pantry. There is a table where we eat together.

We have three in my house. Each one has a bed and a wardrobe for clothes. My bedroom also has a small desk where I do my homework.

There is one in my house. It has a sink, a shower, and a toilet. It is a small room but important.

My house has simple decorations. We have some photographs on the and a few plants in pots. The windows have curtains to let in light or keep it out.

My house is a place where I feel safe and happy. It may not be very big or fancy, but it is home to me. I enjoy time here with my family.

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