Practice. Modal verbs – used to, have to

Practice. Modal verbs – used to, have to


Practice. Modal verbs - used to, have to

Lucy is very late. She _____ her train.

Mary _____ any chocolates but she did.

I walked to school this morning, but I _____ a bus.

_____ the pains come again, don’t hesitate to phone me.

I _____ to the doctor. I’m feeling much better.

When I was a child my father _____ read me a story every night before bed.

When she got thinner she _____ take her dress in.

After looking at his notes again, he _____ to complete the exercise.

If we don’t book seats soon, we _____ to get into the concert.

This is an opportunity that comes once in a lifetime. We _____ let it pass.

If there is fuel shortage, solar energy _____.

I don’t think she _____. Call her again.

A: Did you enjoy the concert?
B: It was OK, but I ___ to the theatre.

_____ it been raining, I’d have needed my umbrella.

A: How much do you weigh?
B: _____.

A: I took Janet to the cinema last night.
B: You _____ me too. I was at home.

I _____ go to the cinema than study English.

Your umbrella is wet. It _____ raining.

If we went to live in the tropics. I _____ buy some thin clothes.

When I was a child, I _____ a flashlight to bed with me so that I _____ read comic books without my parents’ knowing them.

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Learn grammar – Modal verbs

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