Logic Exercise with English Words: Spot the Odd One Out

English Word Logic Exercise: Test Your Vocabulary Skills

Word matching exercise: test your vocabulary

Learning a new language can be a rewarding and engaging experience, and one way to make the journey more enjoyable is through interactive exercises. In this article, we have prepared a word logic test for English learners. The goal is to identify words that are out of place within a given set of words. This exercise not only challenges your vocabulary but also enhances your ability to think critically and logically. This is a fun English game to test your vocabulary knowledge and practice to improve it. Before we dive into the exercise, let’s take a moment to understand the concept with an example set of words.


Below, you’ll find a set of words along with their transcriptions. Your task is to identify the word that does not belong logically with the others. Take a moment to consider each set, and then make your choice. Remember, we won’t reveal the answers just yet.

In the example with professions:

  • A) chef (ʃɛf)
  • B) baker (ˈbeɪkər)
  • C) car (kɑr)
  • D) pilot (ˈpaɪlət)

In this word set, three of the words are related to specific professions (chef, baker, pilot), while the word “car” is a mode of transportation and does not belong to the category of professions.

Therefore, the correct answer is: C) car.

This example illustrates the importance of understanding the context and connections between words when determining which word does not logically fit in a specific group. The same principle applies to the main exercise with words, where you need to identify the word that doesn’t logically belong in each set.

Find the words which are out of the logic list

Below, you’ll find a list of words. Your task is to identify the word in each set that does not belong logically with the others. Take a moment to consider each set, and then make your choice. The answers will be revealed at the end.

The logic list 1

The logic list 2

The logic list 3

The logic list 4

The logic list 5

The logic list 6

The logic list 7

The logic list 8

The logic list 9

The logic list 10

The logic list 11

The logic list 12

The logic list 13

The logic list 14

The logic list 15

The logic list 16

The logic list 17

The logic list 18

The logic list 19

The logic list 20

Now that you’ve completed the exercise, it’s time to check your answers. How many did you get right? This word logic exercise is a fun way to challenge your English vocabulary and logical thinking skills. You can use similar exercises as a part of your language learning journey to make it more engaging and interactive. Keep practicing, and you’ll soon find yourself improving your English skills with ease.

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