English Listening Exercises: Gravity Falls

English listening exercises based on cartoons

Cartoons are a great tool for learning English, both for children and adults. Although learning a new language is a challenge, the learning process can become more fun and interesting thanks to the use of interesting videos. You will be able to not only improve your listening skills, but learn and remember new words and phrases.

The practical exercise consists of 6 video excerpts from the first episode of the cartoon Gravity Falls. These passages not only show the characters’ vividness and exciting storyline, but also contain varied and interesting vocabulary that will help you improve your English-speaking comprehension skills.

After viewing each passage, you will be prompted to answer the questions. You can enter the answer yourself and click the “check” button to see how well you understood the video.

This hands-on exercise encourages active listening, which is a key aspect of language learning. Success in learning English is just a few clicks away from you!

Join us and explore, listen, learn and have fun with ‘Gravity Falls’.

Note: to start the test, press – “Start“, to listen to the video, click on it as on YouTube, after entering the answer, check whether it is correct by clicking on “Check“, then you can go to the next question – “Next“.

Listening to the cartoon Gravity Falls (Listening Test)


English Listening Practice. Gravity Falls 1 Season 1 Episode

Watch the video and answer the questions

Who are the gnomes looking for?

Who did Dipper think Mabel's boyfriend was?

To whom were the children ship to use some fresh air?

What was on Mabel's boyfriend's face?

Who are Dipper and Mabel running from?

What did Mabel choose?

Your score is


Why should you learn English using cartoons?

Learning English through cartoons is an excellent addition to traditional teaching methods. Cartoon Gravity Falls, like many other high-class cartoons, contains many interesting dialogues. Here are some advantages of this approach:

  1. Variety of language: Cartoons often include a wide range of vocabulary and grammar, which helps students learn many new words and structures in context.
  2. Language reminders in a fun way: Fun moments, interesting scenarios and attractive characters can ensure a positive attitude towards language learning and encourage additional practice.
  3. Improving communication skills: Listening to voiceovers of assertive language in cartoons helps you better adapt to different dialects.
  4. Cultural Extension: Cartoons often reflect the cultural aspects in which the language is used, providing an opportunity to understand the language in a wider cultural context.

With the help of our exercises based on ‘Gravity Falls’, you can discover all these benefits for yourself. After completing the test, you can check your understanding and see your progress in real time.

To listen to episode 2, follow the link: English Listening Exercises: Gravity Falls (1 season 2 episode)

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