How to describe a person in English

Appearance and Character

Describing people’s appearance in English

Describing someone’s appearance in English is an essential aspect of communication that helps convey your thoughts and impressions about others. In this article, we’ll explore key terms and phrases that will assist you in describing a person’s appearance, character traits, popular adjectives, and provide examples of how to write a detailed description.

Using adjectives to describe people

Adjectives are crucial for describing a person’s appearance. Here are some key ones:

  • Attractive“She is very attractive.” Used to describe people who make a positive impression due to their looks.
  • Handsome  –“He is a handsome man.” Primarily used for men, describing someone with a pleasing appearance.
  • Pretty“She is pretty.” Typically used to describe women or girls with a pleasant appearance.
  • Beautiful  – “She is a beautiful woman.” Used to describe women of remarkable beauty.
  • Gorgeous“She looked gorgeous in her evening dress.” Often used to describe outstanding beauty or elegance.
  • Ugly  – “He is considered ugly.” Used to describe people whose appearance causes negative emotions.
  • Plain  – “She is rather plain but has a great personality.” Describes someone with an ordinary appearance lacking distinctive features.
  • Unattractive  – “He has an unattractive appearance.” Indicates a lack of appealing features.

Detailed description of a person’s appearance

Describing someone’s appearance in English can include many details that help create a vivid and accurate image. Let’s examine each aspect separately.

Describing the face is an important part of characterizing appearance.

  • Round face  – She has a round face.
    This describes a face with a circular shape.
  • Oval face  – He has an oval face.
    Refers to a face that is longer than it is wide, with gently rounded contours.
  • Square face  – He has a square face.
    Describes a face with a strong, angular jawline and approximately equal width and length.
  • Heart-shaped face  – She has a heart-shaped face.
    Refers to a face with a wider forehead and narrower jawline, resembling an inverted triangle.


The eyes are a very expressive element of appearance.

  • Large eyes  – She has large eyes.
    Describes eyes that are notably bigger than average.
  • Small eyesHe has small eyes.
    Refers to eyes that are smaller in size compared to the average.
  • Blue eyesShe has blue eyes.
    Describes eyes with a blue iris color.
  • Green eyesHe has green eyes.
    Refers to eyes with a green iris color.
  • Brown eyesShe has brown eyes.
    Describes eyes with a brown iris color.
  • Almond-shaped eyesHe has almond-shaped eyes.
    Refers to eyes that are shaped like almonds, often with a slight upward tilt at the outer corners.


The nose can also be described in various ways.

  • Small noseShe has a small nose.
    Describes a nose that is petite and not prominent.
  • Large noseHe has a large nose.
    Refers to a nose that is prominently sized.
  • Straight noseShe has a straight nose.
    Describes a nose with a straight profile, without curves or bends.
  • Hooked noseHe has a hooked nose.
    Refers to a nose with a noticeable bend or hook in the bridge.
  • Upturned noseShe has an upturned nose.
    Describes a nose with a tip that points upward.


Cheeks can also have different shapes and appearances.

  • Rosy cheeksShe has rosy cheeks.
    Refers to cheeks that have a pink or flushed color.
  • Chubby cheeksHe has chubby cheeks.
    Describes cheeks that are full and rounded.
  • Hollow cheeksShe has hollow cheeks.
    Refers to cheeks that have a sunken appearance, often due to thinness or age.
  • Freckled cheeksHe has freckled cheeks.
    Describes cheeks that have small, scattered spots of melanin.


The mouth can have different shapes and sizes.

  • Full lipsShe has full lips.
    Refers to lips that are plump and well-defined.
  • Thin lipsHe has thin lips.
    Describes lips that are narrow or not very full.
  • Wide mouthShe has a wide mouth.
    Describes a mouth that stretches across the face.
  • Small mouthHe has a small mouth.
    Refers to a mouth that is petite or compact in size.


Hair can be described by length, color, texture, and style.

  • Long hairShe has long hair.
    Describes hair that extends below the shoulders.
  • Short hairHe has short hair.
    Refers to hair that is cut above the shoulders or close to the scalp.
  • Curly hairShe has curly hair.
    Describes hair with curls or waves.
  • Straight hairHe has straight hair.
    Refers to hair that is smooth and straight without curls.
  • Blonde hairShe has blonde hair.
    Describes hair that is light in color, ranging from golden to pale yellow.
  • Brown hairHe has brown hair.
    Refers to hair that is dark in color, ranging from light brown to almost black.
  • Black hairShe has black hair.
    Describes hair that is deeply pigmented, appearing black in color.
  • Red hairHe has red hair.
    Refers to hair that has a reddish hue, ranging from coppery to bright red.


Describing someone’s build includes general body characteristics.

  • Tall / ShortHe is tall. She is short.
    Refers to height relative to average standards.
  • Slim / Skinny / ThinShe is slim. He is skinny. She looks thin.
    Describes a slender or lean physique.
  • Overweight / FatHe is overweight. She is fat.
    Refers to excess body weight.
  • AthleticHe has an athletic build.
    Describes a muscular and well-proportioned physique.
  • AverageHe is of average height.
    Describes someone whose height and weight are within typical norms.
  • MuscularHe is muscular.
    Refers to a body with well-developed muscles.
  • StockyHe has a stocky build.
    Describes a sturdy and compact physique.


Skin can also be described by color, texture, and condition.

  • Tanned skinShe has tanned skin.
    Describes skin that has darkened from exposure to the sun.
  • Pale skinHe has pale skin.
    Refers to skin that lacks pigmentation, often appearing lighter in tone.
  • Freckled skinShe has freckled skin.
    Describes skin with small, flat, brownish spots.
  • Smooth skinHe has smooth skin.
    Refers to skin that is soft and even in texture.


The figure can be described in various ways.

  • CurvyShe has a curvy figure.
    Describes a body with well-defined curves, especially in the hips and chest.
  • PetiteShe has a petite figure.
    Refers to a small and slender physique.
  • Hourglass figureShe has an hourglass figure.
    Describes a body shape with a narrow waist and proportionately wider hips and bust.


Legs can be described by length, shape, and appearance.

  • Long legsShe has long legs.
    Refers to legs that are extended in length relative to the body.
  • Short legsHe has short legs.
    Describes legs that are shorter in length compared to the body.
  • Toned legsShe has toned legs.
    Describes legs that are firm and well-defined due to muscle tone.
  • Slender legsHe has slender legs.
    Refers to legs that are slim and graceful in appearance.


Arms can be described by length and shape.

  • Long armsHe has long arms.
    Describes arms that are longer than average relative to the body.
  • Short armsShe has short arms.
    Refers to arms that are shorter than average relative to the body.
  • Toned armsHe has toned arms.
    Describes arms that are muscular and well-defined.
  • Slender armsShe has slender arms.
    Refers to arms that are slim and graceful in appearance.

Describing clothing in English

Describing clothing is an important part of characterizing someone’s appearance. It helps create a complete picture, highlighting style, preferences, and status. Let’s look at how to describe a person’s clothing in detail in English.

General Description

The overall description of clothing can include style, condition, and general impression.

  • CasualShe is wearing casual clothes suitable for everyday activities. Describes relaxed and informal attire appropriate for casual settings.
  • FormalHe is dressed in formal attire for the business meeting. Refers to clothing suitable for professional or formal occasions.
  • TrendyShe is wearing trendy outfits that reflect the latest fashion. Describes clothing that follows current fashion trends.
  • ElegantHe is dressed in an elegant suit for the evening event. Refers to sophisticated and refined attire suitable for formal events.


Describing outerwear can include various types and styles.

  • CoatShe is wearing a long, woolen coat to keep warm. Refers to a heavy outer garment worn for warmth.
  • JacketHe is dressed in a leather jacket that gives him a rugged look. Describes a short coat typically made of leather or similar material.
  • BlazerShe is wearing a fitted blazer that adds a touch of sophistication. Refers to a tailored jacket, often worn formally or semi-formally.
  • HoodieHe is dressed in a comfortable hoodie for a casual look. Describes a casual sweatshirt with a hood.


Describing tops can include various types and styles.

  • T-shirtShe is wearing a bright, graphic T-shirt. Refers to a casual shirt with short sleeves and no collar.
  • BlouseHe is dressed in a light, silk blouse. Describes a dressy top typically worn by women.
  • SweaterShe is wearing a cozy, knitted sweater. Refers to a warm garment knitted from wool or other yarn.
  • ShirtHe is dressed in a crisp, white shirt. Refers to a tailored garment with a collar and buttons down the front.


Describing bottoms includes various types and styles.

  • JeansShe is wearing skinny jeans that fit perfectly. Refers to trousers made of denim fabric.
  • SkirtHe is dressed in a pencil skirt that highlights his figure. Describes a garment worn from the waist downwards, typically by women.
  • TrousersShe is wearing wide-leg trousers that are very stylish. Refers to pants that cover from waist to ankles.
  • ShortsHe is dressed in casual shorts for a relaxed look. Describes garment that covers only part of the legs.


Describing footwear also includes different types and styles.

  • SneakersShe is wearing comfortable sneakers for walking. Refers to athletic shoes with a flexible sole.
  • High heelsHe is dressed in elegant high heels that add height. Refers to shoes with high heels.
  • BootsShe is wearing leather boots that are perfect for the winter. Refers to a type of sturdy footwear covering the ankle.
  • SandalsHe is dressed in casual sandals for a summer look. Describes an open shoe consisting of a sole fastened by straps.


Describing accessories can include various items that complement the overall look.

  • ScarfShe is wearing a colorful scarf that adds a pop of color. Refers to a length of fabric worn around the neck.
  • HatHe is dressed in a stylish hat that complements his outfit. Describes a head covering.
  • GlassesShe is wearing fashionable glasses that highlight her face. Refers to a pair of lenses set in a frame worn in front of the eyes.
  • JewelryHe is dressed in elegant jewelry that adds a touch of class. Refers to decorative items worn for personal adornment.

Patterns and Colors

Describing patterns and colors of clothing helps create a vivid image.

  • Polka dotsShe is wearing a dress with polka dots. Refers to a pattern of dots.
  • StripesHe is dressed in a striped shirt. Describes a pattern of straight lines.
  • FloralShe is wearing a floral blouse. Refers to a pattern with flowers.
  • Solid colorHe is dressed in a solid color suit. Refers to clothing with a single, uniform color.

Condition of Clothes

Describing the condition of clothes is also important for a complete impression.

  • CleanShe is wearing clean and well-maintained clothes. Refers to clothes that are free from dirt or stains.
  • WrinkledHe is dressed in wrinkled trousers that need ironing. Describes clothes that have creases or folds.
  • NewShe is wearing new shoes that look very stylish. Refers to clothes that are recently acquired or unused.
  • Worn outHe is dressed in worn-out jeans that have seen better days. Describes clothes that are old and showing signs of use.

Suitability for the Occasion

Describing the suitability of clothing for a particular occasion or event can also be useful.

  • AppropriateShe is wearing a dress that is appropriate for the wedding. Refers to clothes that are suitable for the specific event or circumstance.
  • InappropriateHe is dressed in casual clothes that are inappropriate for the formal event. Describes clothes that are not suitable for the occasion.
  • SuitableShe is wearing a suit suitable for a job interview. Refers to clothes that are fitting for a particular purpose or situation.

Overall Impression

Finish the description with an overall impression of the person’s appearance.

  • Well-dressedShe is well-dressed and looks very professional. Refers to someone whose clothes are appropriate and stylish.
  • NeatHe is neat and his clothes are always tidy. Describes someone who is tidy and well-groomed in appearance.
  • StylishShe is stylish and has a great sense of fashion. Refers to someone who displays a fashionable and distinctive appearance.

Describing someone’s character in English

Describing a person’s character is crucial for understanding their qualities and behavior. Let’s explore detailed descriptions in English:


  • FriendlyShe is very friendly and always makes people feel welcome.
    This adjective describes someone who is warm and welcoming towards others.
  • SociableHe is sociable and loves meeting new people.
    This term is used for someone who enjoys interacting and socializing with others.
  • WarmShe has a warm personality that attracts others.
    Describes someone who is affectionate, friendly, and creates a positive atmosphere.


  • HonestHe is honest and always tells the truth.
    This adjective describes someone who speaks truthfully and is trustworthy.
  • TrustworthyShe is trustworthy and people rely on her.
    Used to describe someone who can be relied upon to keep their word and fulfill commitments.
  • SincereHe is sincere in his words and actions.
    Describes someone who is genuine and truthful in their intentions and expressions.


  • KindShe is kind and always helps those in need.
    Describes someone who shows compassion and consideration towards others.
  • CompassionateHe is compassionate and cares deeply about others.
    Used for someone who is empathetic and actively helps others in distress.
  • GenerousShe is generous and often gives to charity.
    Describes someone who freely gives time, money, or resources to help others.


  • BraveHe is brave and never backs down from a challenge.
    Describes someone who faces danger, pain, or difficulty without fear.
  • FearlessShe is fearless and tackles every obstacle with determination.
    Used to describe someone who is bold and unafraid in facing challenges.
  • DaringHe is daring and loves to take risks.
    Describes someone who is willing to take bold and adventurous actions.


  • IntelligentShe is intelligent and excels in her studies.
    Used for someone who has a high mental capacity and excels in learning.
  • SmartHe is smart and can solve problems quickly.
    Describes someone who is clever and quick-witted in finding solutions.
  • Quick-wittedShe is quick-witted and always has a clever response.
    Describes someone who can think and respond quickly with intelligence and humor.


  • ResponsibleHe is responsible and takes care of his duties well.
    Used for someone who can be trusted to fulfill obligations and tasks.
  • DependableShe is dependable and people count on her.
    Describes someone who can be relied upon to support and assist others.
  • ReliableHe is reliable and can be trusted with important tasks.
    Used for someone who consistently performs well and can be trusted.


  • CreativeShe is creative and loves to come up with new ideas.
    Describes someone who has a unique ability to think of new concepts or methods.
  • ImaginativeHe is imaginative and has a vivid imagination.
    Used for someone who has a strong ability to visualize and create new ideas.
  • InnovativeShe is innovative and always finds unique solutions.
    Describes someone who introduces new ideas or methods to improve situations or solve problems.


  • HardworkingHe is hardworking and never shies away from effort.
    Describes someone who puts in a lot of effort and works diligently.
  • DiligentShe is diligent and pays attention to every detail.
    Used for someone who works carefully and meticulously, paying close attention to tasks.
  • DedicatedHe is dedicated to his work and always strives for excellence.
    Describes someone who is committed and focused on achieving goals and high standards.


  • OptimisticShe is optimistic and always sees the bright side of things.
    Describes someone who maintains a positive outlook and expects favorable outcomes.
  • CheerfulHe is cheerful and spreads positivity around him.
    Used for someone who is happy, lively, and brings happiness to others.
  • HopefulShe is hopeful and believes in a better future.
    Describes someone who maintains hope and optimism for positive future outcomes.


  • PatientHe is patient and never rushes through tasks.
    Describes someone who remains calm and tolerant when facing delays or difficulties.
  • CalmShe is calm and handles stressful situations with ease.
    Used for someone who remains peaceful and composed, especially in challenging situations.
  • TolerantHe is tolerant and respects different viewpoints.
    Describes someone who accepts and respects the opinions and behaviors of others.

Essay on the topic: Description of a person in English

Emily is a tall woman with a slender figure. She has long, wavy brown hair that gently cascades over her shoulders. Her large, hazel eyes are always full of curiosity and kindness, making her appear very approachable. Emily’s round face is complemented by a small, upturned nose and full, rosy cheeks.

Her skin is lightly tanned, giving her a healthy glow, and she often wears casual but elegant clothes that enhance her stylish appearance. Emily’s smile is captivating and lights up the room, making her instantly likable. She has a graceful presence, moving with an athletic ease that hints at her love for running and tennis.

Emily’s sense of fashion is impeccable, often choosing outfits that highlight her slim waist and long legs. She accessorizes with delicate rings on her slender fingers, adding a touch of elegance to her look. Her wavy hair shines with a natural gloss, indicating her meticulous care for her appearance.

Despite her graceful appearance, Emily is very down-to-earth and always ready to help others. She has a calm demeanor that makes people feel comfortable around her. Her casual yet chic style reflects her relaxed yet sophisticated personality. Emily’s large eyes and captivating smile leave a lasting impression on everyone she meets.

Her overall appearance is a blend of athletic vitality and elegant charm. Emily’s tanned complexion and soft, melodic voice add to her warm and inviting personality. Her tall stature and slim figure make her stand out in any crowd. She often dresses in a way that is both fashionable and practical, embodying a timeless elegance.

Emily’s friendly nature and positive attitude make her a pleasure to be around. Her graceful movements and radiant smile reflect her inner beauty and warmth. Emily’s presence is soothing, and her kindness leaves a lasting mark on those she encounters. Her overall look and demeanor perfectly capture her charming and graceful personality.

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