Expanding vocabulary in English: health and medicine

Vocabulary Topic tests. Health, Medicine and Exercise

Improve your English vocabulary: Test on the topic “Health and Medicine”

Learning English includes the development of vocabulary, and one of the important topics is the topic of health and medicine. Communication on this topic is necessary both for traveling and for understanding medical instructions or prescriptions. One way to improve your English is to use tests. Today we offer you a test on the topic “Health and Medicine,” which will help you learn and practice words related to medicine and health. First, review the words that will be in the test.

Explanation of the most popular words about health

  1. Medicine: Medicine is something you take when you are sick to help you get better. It can be in the form of pills, liquids, or even injections.
  2. Bandage: A bandage is like a special cloth that you wrap around an injury, like a cut or a wound, to keep it clean and help it heal.
  3. Cast: A cast is a hard cover, usually made of plaster or another material, that the doctor puts on a broken bone to protect it while it heals.
  4. Plaster: Plaster is a material that sticks to your skin and covers small cuts or wounds to protect them from dirt and germs.
  5. Filling: A filling is something a dentist puts in your tooth if you have a hole to make it strong and healthy again.
  6. Cotton Wool: Cotton wool is soft, fluffy material that doctors and nurses use to clean wounds or apply medicine.
  7. Wheelchair: A wheelchair is a special chair with wheels that people who cannot walk use to move around.
  8. Glasses: Glasses are special eyewear that helps people see better if they have problems with their vision.
  9. Mask: A mask is something you wear on your face to cover your mouth and nose, often used to protect against germs or pollution.
  10. Ointment: Ointment is a type of cream or gel that you put on your skin to help it heal or to relieve pain.
  11. Prescription: A prescription is a special note from a doctor that tells you what medicine to get from the pharmacy.
  12. Stethoscope: A stethoscope is a medical instrument doctors use to listen to your heart and breathing.
  13. Surgeon: A surgeon is a doctor who does operations, like surgeries, to fix or remove things in your body.
  14. Dentist: A dentist is a doctor who takes care of your teeth, including cleaning them and fixing any problems.
  15. Nurse: A nurse is a person who helps doctors take care of patients and provides medicine or treatment.
  16. Optician: An optician is a person who specializes in making and fitting eyeglasses or contact lenses.
  17. Heart: Your heart is the organ inside your chest that pumps blood to keep your body alive.
  18. Blood Pressure: Blood pressure is the force of your blood pushing against the walls of your arteries, which is important for your health.
  19. Injection: An injection is when a doctor or nurse uses a needle to put medicine or a vaccine into your body.
  20. Tablet: A tablet is a small, solid medicine that you swallow with water.
  21. Capsule: A capsule is a small, usually gelatin-covered medicine that you swallow.
  22. Briefcase: A briefcase is a small, portable case used for carrying documents, often used by professionals.
  23. Heart Controller: It might refer to a medical device or treatment related to heart health.

Table with the most popular words about health and medicine in English

cotton woolˈkɒtn wʊl
blood pressureblʌd ˈprɛʃər

Examples of phrases with words about health and medicine in English

Here are some examples of sentences with the words:

  1. She took some medicine for her headache.
  2. After the accident, his leg was wrapped in a bandage.
  3. The doctor put a cast on his broken arm.
  4. If you have a small cut, you can cover it with a plaster.
  5. The dentist filled the cavity in her tooth with a filling.
  6. The nurse applied some cotton wool to the wound.
  7. He uses a wheelchair to get around because he can’t walk.
  8. She wears glasses to improve her vision.
  9. The surgeon performed a successful operation on the patient’s heart.
  10. The nurse checked the patient’s blood pressure.
  11. The doctor gave her an injection to help with the pain.
  12. She takes a tablet every morning as part of her daily routine.
  13. The medicine is available in capsule form.
  14. The doctor used a stethoscope to listen to her heart.
  15. The optician checked her eyes and prescribed new glasses.

Test your knowledge of health and medicine in English in practice

This test will help you learn and practice important words related to health and medicine, and prepare you to communicate on this topic in an English-speaking environment. Share this test with your friends and study partners to improve your English together.

Vocabulary Topic tests. Health, Medicine and Exercise

Practice. English test: Health and Medicine

He had had a big hole in his tooth before the dentist made ______ in the hole.

When the lesson ended, I put my glasses into the ______.

______ is a kind of chair used by people who cannot walk

The doctor who does operations in the hospital is called ______.

______ is an equipment that doctors use to listen to someone’s heart or breathing.

He broke his leg, so doctor made a ______ around his broken leg.

______ is a substance for treating an illness, especially that you  drink.

______ is a substance that you rub into your skin as a medical treatment.

Doctors use ______ for cleaning patient’s skin before injection

______ is a special material used for sticking on your skin to cover small wounds

Doctor gave the patient a ______ on which the medicine the patient should take was written

______ is a piece of cloth that you wrap around an injury.

______ is a hard cover fitted over your arm, leg etc to support a broken leg.

During the operation, doctors were wearing ______ which were covering all face except eyes.

After the eye test, the optician told me that I should wear a pair of ______.

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