Exploring English Family Vocabulary: Strengthening Your Word Power

What is a Familial Relationship?

Family members Vocabulary Word List

Learning English is an exciting journey into the world of communication and understanding. One of the important topics to study is family relationships. In this article, we will consider the topic “Family Relationships in English” – from names to transcription. This information will be indispensable to your growing vocabulary and understanding of English culture.

Let’s learn together: Words and their transcription about family and parents in English

mother-in-lawˈmʌðər ɪn lɔː
sister-in-lawˈsɪs.tər ɪn lɔː
son-in-lawˈsʌn ɪn lɔː

Examples of sentences with family members

  1. My mother is an excellent cook, and she prepares delicious meals for the whole family.
  2. My father enjoys working in the garden and growing vegetables.
  3. My grandmother loves sharing stories from her youth with us during family gatherings.
  4. My grandfather taught me how to fish and spent a lot of time outdoors with me.
  5. My aunt is an adventurous traveler who has been to many countries.
  6. My uncle is a talented musician and plays the guitar in a local band.
  7. I have a close bond with my niece, and we often have fun playing games together.
  8. My nephew is excited about his upcoming birthday party.
  9. My wife is a wonderful artist and often paints beautiful landscapes.
  10. My husband surprises me with breakfast in bed on weekends.
  11. My daughter is passionate about dancing and practices every day.
  12. My son has a strong interest in science and enjoys conducting experiments.
  13. My cousin is coming to visit us this weekend, and we’re planning a family picnic.
  14. My sister-in-law and I get along well and often go shopping together.
  15. My son-in-law is a skilled carpenter and helps me with home improvement projects.
  16. I have a younger brother who always looks up to me for guidance.

Tests to check knowledge – Family Relationships

What is a Familial Relationship?

Practice. Family Relationships in English

My wife’s brother is my ______.

My wife’s sister is my ______.

My uncle’s or aunt’s child is my ______.

My male child is my ______.

My sister’s husband is my ______.

My sister’s son is my ______.

My mother’s sister is my ______.

My sister’s daughter is my ______.

My female parent is my ______.

My children’s mother is my ______.

My mother’s or father’s mother is my ______.

My child’s son is my ______.

My wife’s mother is my ______.

My wife’s father is my ______.

My mother’s brother is my ______ .

Your score is


Studying the topic “Family” helps not only to expand your vocabulary, but also to understand the cultural aspects of communication between English-speaking people. By learning these words, you will be able to easily talk about your family, understand interlocutors, and conduct pleasant dialogues. Don’t forget to use these words in practice tasks and conversations to reinforce them in your study.

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