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How to tell about your family in English?

To talk about your family in English, you should know English words related to describing family and people. We offer you a list of words, about family members, personal information, description and so on. Familiarize yourself with the words and write your own story about your family. Before that, consider the device of the story about the family, read the text and insert the missing words.

Family Members

  • Family: A group of people related to one another; describes the narrator’s close relatives.
  • Father: A male parent; the man who helps conceive/raise a child.
  • Mother: A female parent; the woman who conceives/gives birth to a child.
  • Brother: A male sibling; a son of the same parents sharing one or both parents.
  • Sister: A female sibling; a daughter of the same parents sharing one or both parents.
  • Son: A male child in relation to his parents; a boy birthed by parents.
  • Daughte: A female child in relation to her parents; a girl birthed by parents.
  • Parents: Guardians of a child; a father and mother of an offspring.
  • Grandfather: The father of one’s father or mother; a male antecedent.
  • Grandmother: The mother of one’s father or mother; a female antecedent.
  • Husband: A male spouse/partner in a marital relationship.
  • Wife: A female spouse/partner in a marital relationship.

Personal Information

  • Born: Coming into life; originating from a mother’s womb.
  • Age: The length of time someone has lived or something has existed.
  • Occupation: A job or career; how someone earns money.
  • Education: The knowledge, skills and development acquired through learning.
  • Hobbies: Activities done for enjoyment outside one’s regular work.
  • Interests: Things that hold one’s attention and inspire enthusiasm/fascination.
  • Institute: An educational institution dedicated to teaching and learning.


  • Smart: Having good judgment, intelligence, and quick analytic skills.
  • Energetic: Displaying vigor, intensity, and lively enthusiasm; full of determination.
  • Cheerful: Noticeably happy and optimistic; with a bright, joyful mood.
  • Diligent: Hard-working and careful in their tasks; putting determined effort into their work.
  • Caring: Displaying kindness, concern, and empathy for others’ needs.
  • Friendly: Warm, approachable, and congenial in their interactions with others.
  • Purposeful: Having clear goals and determination.
  • Old: Having lived for many years; describing the age.


  • Study: Apply one’s mind to learning academic subjects or skills through books, instruction, etc.
  • Work: Perform a job or task to earn income.
  • Play: Take part in recreational activity for enjoyment.
  • Spend time together : Be in one another’s company to foster relationships.
  • Travel: Journey to different places for leisure or education.
  • Watch movies: View films on a screen for entertainment.
  • Hiking: Take a long walk outdoors typically on trails or natural paths.
  • Teacher:  One whose job is to educate others.
  • Engineers: Professionals who design, build or maintain products, machines.
  • Prepares: Makes something ready for use or consideration.
  • Crafts: Creative handmade work/art.
  • Spare time: Time free from work or duties; when the narrator’s father pursues hobbies.
  • School: An institution for educating children.

Feelings and Relationships

  • Love: Deep affection and emotional connection; caring and feeling a sense of unity. In a family context, it represents a strong emotional bond among its members.
  • Support: Assistance, encouragement, or help provided to someone in need. In a family setting, it involves aiding each other emotionally or practically.
  • Comfortable: Feeling at ease and relaxed, both physically and mentally. In a family, it signifies a sense of security and acceptance.
  • Safe: Free from harm, danger, or risk. Feeling safe in a family implies a sense of protection and well-being.
  • Grateful: Feeling or expressing appreciation and thanks. In a family, it involves recognizing and valuing the positive experiences shared with its members.

Exercise – My family

Read the text and fill in the missing words using the list: school, brother, friendly,  parents, mother, old, studies, play, together, smart, born,  education,  prepares, caring, teacher.

My family

My family is small, but very 1 . I have a father, a mother and a younger 2 .
My dad was 3 into a family of engineers. His 4   worked at a factory, so he was interested in technology from childhood. After 5 , dad entered the institute as a mechanical engineer. There he met my 6 Olga. Now he is 45 years 7 . Dad is very 8 and can always advise and help with any problem. In his spare time, he likes to do crafts and read books.
Mom is from London, she is 40 years old. She was always diligent and purposeful, received a diploma with honors. After the institute, my mother worked as a physics 9 for 2 years, and then decided to get a second 10 as a mathematics teacher. It was at these courses that she met my father. Mom is very 11 and always takes care of us. She perfectly 12 and bakes the most delicious cakes.
My brother 13 in the 5th grade. He is 11 years old. He is very energetic and cheerful. He likes to 14 football, ride a bike and draw. He has many friends.
I love my family very much. We often spend time 15 - go hiking, travel, watch movies. I am always happy, comfortable and safe with them. I am grateful to my family for their love and support.

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