Natural landscapes and environment in English

Environment Vocabulary Quiz

Nature and environment: tests and expansion of vocabulary

If you are looking to improve your English skills and expand your vocabulary on the topic of natural landscapes and the environment, then this article is for you. We offer you a set of interesting tests that will help you familiarize yourself with new words and expressions related to nature. To begin with, let’s repeat or learn new words.

TOP 25 words about the environment

  1. Peak – The highest point of a mountain or hill. For example, “They reached the peak of the mountain after a challenging climb.”
  2. Waves – Raised bodies of water in the sea or ocean that move. For example, “The waves at the beach were perfect for surfing.”
  3. Hedge – A row of plants, usually shrubs, used to separate gardens or mark boundaries. For example, “They planted a hedge along the property line for privacy.”
  4. Field – An open area of land, typically used for agricultural purposes. For example, “The field was full of crops like wheat and corn.”
  5. Sea – A large body of saltwater. For example, “They enjoyed swimming in the clear blue sea.”
  6. Reservoir – A man-made water body used for storing water before distribution. For example, “The reservoir supplies drinking water to the city.”
  7. Waterfall – A place where water flows rapidly down over a rock or a high place. For example, “The waterfall in the national park is a popular attraction.”
  8. Mountain – A large natural elevation of the Earth’s surface. For example, “Climbing the mountain was a challenging adventure.”
  9. Plateau – A large flat area of elevated land. For example, “The plateau offered stunning views of the surrounding landscape.”
  10. Cave – A large natural hole or opening in the side of a cliff or underground. For example, “Exploring the cave was an exciting adventure.”
  11. Boulder – A large, rounded rock, often found in mountains. For example, “They saw a massive boulder at the base of the hill.”
  12. Forest – A large area covered with trees. For example, “The forest was home to a variety of wildlife.”
  13. Desert – A large area of hot, dry land with sandy terrain. For example, “Camels are well-suited for life in the desert.”
  14. Beach – An area of sand or small stones along the edge of the sea. For example, “They spent the day relaxing on the sandy beach.”
  15. Hill – An area of high land, smaller than a mountain. For example, “They hiked to the top of the hill for a panoramic view.”
  16. Island – An area of land surrounded by water. For example, “They went on vacation to a beautiful tropical island.”
  17. Stream – A small, fast-flowing body of water. For example, “They enjoyed a picnic by the babbling stream.”
  18. Lakes – Large bodies of water, usually of natural origin. For example, “The region is known for its picturesque lakes.”
  19. Seas – Large bodies of salty water surrounding continents. For example, “The Mediterranean Sea is famous for its blue waters.”
  20. Sand – Tiny grains of rock found on beaches. For example, “Children love building sandcastles at the beach.”
  21. Rock – A large, solid mass of natural material. For example, “They climbed the steep rock to reach the summit.”
  22. Grass – Plants that typically grow on the ground and are used for lawns and pastures. For example, “The grass in the park was lush and green.”
  23. River – A natural watercourse flowing from its source to an outlet. For example, “The river is home to diverse aquatic life.”
  24. Cliff – A high, steep rock face, often near the coastline. For example, “The cliff provided a breathtaking view of the ocean.”
  25. Stone – Small pieces of natural hard material. For example, “They used stones to create a decorative pathway in the garden.”

Review these words and the transcription, if you have mastered them all, then we can move on to testing your knowledge.

A table of words about the environment with transcription


Test on the topic of the environment: expanding your vocabulary

Test your knowledge in practice.

Environment Vocabulary Quiz

Environment Vocabulary Quiz

______ is a large area covered with trees

Total area of wheat ______ is 19670 km2.

______ is a large natural hole in the side of cliff or under the ground.

______ is place where water flows down over a rock or from a high place.

______ is a large rock which is especially found in the mountain

There weren’t any ______ between our gardens and it was very difficult to separate them from each other.

The highest ______ of the mountain Everest is 8860 meters high.

______ is a large area of salty water.

After tsunami at the beach there were big ______ with the height of 15 meters.

______ is an area of sand or small stones at the edge of the sea

______ is a large area of hot, dry land where is very much sand

______ is an area of high land, like a small mountain.

______ is a large area of flat land that is higher than the land around it.

The water is stored in ______ before it is supplied to people’s houses.

______ is a very high hill

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