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Christmas vocabulary: Tests to improve knowledge

Studying Christmas vocabulary and traditions through tests is an exciting way to deepen your knowledge about the celebration of Christmas. These tests will help you learn key words and expressions related to this holiday, expand your vocabulary and be ready to communicate in English during Christmas events. By considering the questions and answers, you will be able to better understand the essence of Christmas traditions and use the learned vocabulary in everyday communication. A detailed article about Christmas vocabulary in the article: All about Christmas in English, what you need to know?

Let’s consider the main popular words related to Christmas, their meaning and examples of use.


  • Meaning: A specially festive time, usually associated with Christmas.
  • Example: The house was adorned with festive decorations, creating a warm Yuletide atmosphere.


  • Meaning: News or messages, often positive and festive.
  • Example: We received joyful tidings of the birth of a healthy baby boy.

Jingle Bells

  • Meaning: A Christmas song and symbol of celebration.
  • Example: The sound of jingle bells filled the air as the Christmas parade approached.


  • Meaning: A traditional beverage consumed during Christmas celebrations.
  • Example: The carolers went from house to house, spreading good cheer and sharing wassail.


  • Meaning: Full of festive mood and joyful atmosphere.
  • Example: The town square was adorned with festive lights and decorations.


  • Meaning: Cheerful, joyful mood, and festive activities.
  • Example: The family gathered for a day of merriment, sharing laughter and joy.

Fir Tree

  • Meaning: Christmas tree, a traditional symbol of Christmas.
  • Example: The children decorated the fir tree with ornaments and tinsel.


  • Meaning: A circular decoration, often made of green branches and adorned.
  • Example: A festive wreath adorned the front door, welcoming guests into the holiday home.


  • Meaning: Gingerbread or cookies with a ginger flavor, popular during Christmas.
  • Example: The children eagerly decorated gingerbread cookies with icing and sprinkles.


  • Meaning: Light from candles, often used to create a warm and cozy atmosphere.
  • Example: The room was filled with a soft, candlelight glow, creating a serene ambiance.


  • Meaning: A religious holiday celebrating the revelation of Jesus Christ to the world.
  • Example: Many Christians celebrate Epiphany as the arrival of the Magi to visit the newborn Jesus.


  • Meaning: A snowflake, a symbol of snow joys and winter time.
  • Example: The children caught snowflakes on their tongues as they played in the winter wonderland.


  • Meaning: A wooden or metal instrument used for cracking nuts, and a character in ballet.
  • Example: The Nutcracker figurine stood proudly on the mantelpiece, a cherished holiday decoration.


  • Meaning: A chestnut, sometimes used in cooking, associated with winter time.
  • Example: Roasting chestnuts over an open fire is a classic winter tradition.


  • Meaning: A hanging ice formation formed from melted water that freezes.
  • Example: The eaves of the house were adorned with sparkling icicles, reflecting the winter sun.

Test your knowledge of Christmas vocabulary: Tests for interactive learning

Read the sentences and choose the correct answer.

What is the meaning of "Yuletide"?

In the phrase "Joyful tidings," what does "tidings" refer to?

Which of the following is a popular Christmas song and a symbol of celebration?

What is "wassail" traditionally associated with during Christmas?

How would you describe an atmosphere that is "festive"?

What does "merriment" refer to in the context of Christmas?

What is a "fir tree" in the context of Christmas?

What is the purpose of a "wreath" during the Christmas season?

What is "gingerbread" commonly associated with during Christmas?

What does "candlelight" contribute to during Christmas?

What does the term "Epiphany" represent in the Christmas context?

What is a "snowflake" a symbol of during Christmas?

What is a "nutcracker" in the context of Christmas?

What type of food is associated with "chestnut" during the Christmas season?

What is an "icicle" in winter, especially during Christmas?

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