Practice. Modal verbs (can, could, have to)

Practice. Modal verbs (can, could, have to)


Practice. Modal verbs (can, could, have to)

My grandfather _____ speak four languages when he was alive.

I phoned the plumber because I _____ smell gas in the kitchen

Nobody enjoys _____ get up at five o’clock in the morning

_____ your grandmother _____ leave school when she was only fourteen?

In my country you _____ get married when you’re sixteen

The neighbors were having a row, and I _____ hear every word they said.

_____ I borrow your dictionary?

____ you speak French before you moved to Paris?

_____ you _____ find all the things you wanted at the shops?

_____ we _____ have any vaccinations before we go to Barbados?

I phoned yesterday, but I ____ get an answer. Where were you?

When we got to the top of the mountain we _____ see for miles

I can’t see the small print very well. I think I ____ wear glasses soon.

You _____ be a millionaire to shop in Harrods. Everything is expensive there.

You _____ work hard after your exam. You can have a holiday

If I fail my exam, ____ I ___ take it again?

Speak up! I _____ hear you!

The police _____ find the man who had stolen my car. He was sent to prison.

I _____ work very hard because I have an exam next week.

Jane and John saved and saved, and finally they _____ buy the house of their dreams

I went for a ten-mile run last Saturday. It nearly killed me! I _____ move on Sunday

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Repeat grammar – Modal verbs (can, could, have to)

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