Сapital Letters in English

Basic rules for using capital letters in the English, regardless of the part of the language to which the word belongs

The first word in a sentence

  • We stopped at a lot of places along the way

The pronoun “I”

  • My friend and I go to school together

Proper nouns (names of specific people and places)

  • We went on a trip from San Francisco to Denver

Countries, languages and nationalities

  • Joe and Lisa are on holiday in Japan

Capitalize the name of streets, cities, provinces, states & countries

  • Washington street, the United States

Capitalize words derived from proper nouns

  • I am headed to the South this summer

Days of the week, months and holidays, but NOT seasons

  • I’ll call you on Sunday

Capitalize the place or specific locations

  • I love studying English and history

The names of deities and holy books

  • like God, the Bible, the Coran, etc.

Capitalize an interjection, an exclamation

  • Oh! Look! Surprise! Woah!

Time periods

  • like World War II, The Great Depression

Capitalize opening and closing of a letter

  • Dear Dan
  • Cheers, Sincerely, etc.

The main words in the titles of books, songs, articles, movies, arts, etc.

  • The Woman King is as entertaining as it is culturally significant
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